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Find thousands of sponsors for your channel.

Sponsors for Creators lets you connect to thousands of sponsors from all categories.
As a content creator, finding sponsors is one of the hardest jobs there is. We developed Sponsors for Creators for small and large content creators so that they can easily find the right sponsors for their channel.

“Easiest way to find sponsors for your channel”.

Sponsors for Creators has a directory of thousands of brands from almost all categories for you to choose, including Technology, Social, Beauty, Electronics etc.

You can contact any brand just by a touch of a button. We are adding new and more brands to our directory every day.

Our algorithm also generates a custom email for each and every user based on their number of followers and views they receive for their content.


When you create an account, you enter your channel id which our system uses to return basic data from your channel, such as subscriber count and view count. Our algorithm uses this data to generate the custom email which includes average views and the amount that you are willing to do sponsorship for.


How many brands are there ?

Sponsors for Creators currently have thousands of brands from every category and we are adding new and more brands everyday.

Is there any cost to use this service?

No, we made Sponsors for Creators completely free and easy to use for anyone. There are no hidden charges or commissions.

How is the sponsorship amount generated?

Sponsorship amount is generated by the number of subscribers your channel has and the average view your videos get. Our algorithm then generates a price based on an average cost per impression rate. This amount is editable as you can change it anytime you want.

How can you trust us?

As a company, we value our community's trust, including yours, more than anything. We made Sponsors for Creators to help the Creator community from one of the time-consuming jobs there is - finding sponsors.

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