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Apex Fun Games . 3.0.6 03/04/2024
Jungle deer hunting is a wild life African safari animal hunting game. The best deer hunting games 2017 is a shooting and dear hunting game challenge in which the 사슴 사냥 player has to find out an animal for the hunting spree in the field by using the scope of the sniper rifle. Our deer hunting games 2017 lies in the category of free hunting games for kids. In the deer hunting games 2017 once you find your 사슴 사냥 target then slowly take your wild hunter aim and shoot to hunt down the dear hunting game animal. It’s a wild life hunt and run forest simulator with different species of deer hunter games 2017 animals such as the African safari deer, stag, ibex, bear, deer hunt 2018 fox and many more deer hunting season animals.
Out of the other hunting games apps we provide the user with something unique and even more engaging hunting apps stag huntsman game challenge. You are a wild life deer hunt 2018 and you have come to spend your dear hunting game African safari vacation in the deer hunting season. You have come for forest hunting in Africa to search out the animal game jungle thoroughly and sharpen your 사슴 사냥 animal hunting skills. Free hunting games for kids also provide a great chance to discover statistics regarding new species of deer hunter2017 animals. In this deer hunting games 2017 you shall be rewarded with coins if you complete a certain scoutlook hunting level in the given time. In the wild animal hunting apps games you can spend your forest hunting wild hunter coin wisely by purchasing different kind of deer week jakt sniper rifles with better wild hunter animal game scope and accuracy.

Enjoy your deer hunting season in a way you want but run of life when needed and be careful and keep in mind that it’s not always you who keep stalking the hunting clash animals. They may also stalk you and may hunt it down. Be careful not to alert other nearby jungle hunting animals because they are easy to shoot, and enjoy a sniper hunting spree if they stand still or move slowly but if you will 打猎 shoot once and miss the target then it is possible that you will lose it. In some african safari trips missions you will be hunting down the still safari wildcraft animals with a deer hunter2017 scanner shot option. In this jungle hunter reindeer shooting game you shall be assigned with the wild safari hunting game task to scan down the whole body of a deer hunter games 2017 animal and shoot a specific organ of its body in the given time. It may be a brain, heart, or lungs stag huntsman shoot. You shall enjoy your hunting african safari trips by shooting a bullet right straight through the heart of the hunted animal. We have introduced a slow motion shooting effect in the deer hunter2017 game which shall help the player better analyze the end scene of the animal reindeer games.
Jungle Deer Hunting Game Features
1) Different scoutlook hunting wild life animals to shoot and hunt
2) Amazing wild animal hunting graphics
3) Smooth hunt and run controls
4) Realistic and beautiful jungle jakt environment
5) Lovely animal animations for running, walking and idle state.
6) Different sniper rifles to hunt down the animals.
7) Realistic jungle sounds with animal voice echo gives the game a next level feeling.
8) Show motion camera following the rifle’s bullet until it strikes the animal.

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What's new

Jungle Deer Hunting made more THRILLING & ADVENTUROUS!

🦌 Now Hunt Dinosaurs in Dinosaur Hunting Mode
🦌 New Crossbow Weapon Added
🦌 New Guns Textures & Effects Added
🦌 Enhanced game-play and improved features. 💯
🦌 Exciting New Hunting Environments
🦌 New Adventure Mode Added
🦌 Drive Jeep in Forest for Hunt Wild Animals
🦌 New Birds Hunting Mode Added
🦌 New Machine Gun Added
🦌 All Types Of Dinosaurs to hunt in new Separate Mode
🦌 IAP Available


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