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CASUAL AZUR GAMES . 1.19.33 22/04/2024
Explore a world where Earth is enveloped in ice and snow. You are the leader of the last town on Earth, faced with the task of protecting your people from the inevitable cold apocalypse.

In Frost Land Survival, your mission is to survive in these harsh conditions, finding and gathering resources. Explore snow-covered landscapes, discover hidden reserves, and teach your citizens to use them in the best possible way. Remember: survival requires strategy. Decide which resources to gather first and how to distribute them among the survivors.

With each day, survivors will face new dangers: wild nature, icy storms, and snowy creatures will challenge your survival. Your main ally is crafting. Gather resources and create tools and weapons to ensure the safety of your people. Build a sturdy base, turning your shelter into an impregnable fortress. With the right strategy, persistence, and a bit of luck, your city can thrive even in this icy world.

★ Simple but addictive gameplay
★ Deep research system - discover new survival methods, tools, and technologies
★ Gradual city development: from a small shelter to a mighty fortress
★ Graphics and sounds that immerse you in the atmosphere of an icy world

Dive into an exciting adventure in a world gripped by an icy apocalypse and become a master of survival in harsh conditions! Frost Land Survival isn't just a game about survival, it's a test of your persistence and strategic thinking. Build your city, explore the world, and become humanity's last hope!

What's new

A lot of new game content has been added, including:
- The cut scene with the train's departure from the second level.
- A brand new location.
- Improved game mechanics for managing camps.
- A whole new type of opponent.
- Many new expeditions and character.
- hotfix bugs


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